What is the actual meaning of SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is the process of improving the search visibility of your website’s web pages, it helps full to rank any website in search engines like google, yahoo ( Know more about search engines ).

Top pages are shown in search engines when people open search engines and search for a product or service, All those top pages have been brought forward in the top results with the help of SEO.

Technically how SEO works, the computer-programmed algorithms that capture the behavior of the people what people search for, and which keywords are typed into the search bar.

So basically when you want to rank a website on a search engine two most essential things matter your content and the second one is the keyword, make sure your keyword should be related to your content.

How Search Engines work

Webpages that are discovered by search engines like ( Google, Bing, Yahoo ) are indexed, an index that includes all the links of your web pages and posts, search engines work based on algorithms, all the top results are identified from the index