Virtual Bulk Whatsapp

Virtual Bulk Whatsapp

Here you will know what is virtual bulk ( Mass ) WhatsApp in marketing, it is a trending
way of marketing, if you wanna send information or promote any kind of activities on
whatsapp you can send lot’s messages on whatsapp through bulk ( mass ) virtual whatsapp.

virtual bulk whatsapp marketing

What is Virtual WhatsApp?

Virtual concept working on the virtual number where you want to send a message through whatsapp on thousand to lakhs of numbers, the virtual number help-full to send 10000 to lakhs of messages, there is lot’s of virtual number set in whatsapp CRM, it means every
message will be sent through different number, example for if you want to send 20000 whatsapp, you can not send it from your personal number due to whatsapp policy, if you are going to send it from your number you get banned by whatsapp, for this solution bulk
whatsapp virtual number is helpful to send, but there are some cons like you can not receives replies from customers because it is one way whatsapp marketing CRM ( but you can put your contact details in message so that interested user will contact you )

Virtual Bulk ( Mass ) WhatsApp Helpful for ?

  • if you Want to send information to your customer in which you don’t expect a reply
    then you have to do branding then you can use bulk WhatsApp one-way communication.
  • If you have a shop, cafe, or restaurant in which you need a customer crowd and you want
    to promote some offers then this is quite useful for you.
  • If you want to share any event or information, you can use bulk WhatsApp tab together.

How to use virtual bulk Whatsapp ?

  • There is no registration for using bulk WhatsApp so you have to don’t worry about any document procedure.
  • You have to purchase whatsapp credit like how much whatsapp you want to send.
  • It is simple and user-friendly system to use promotional whatsapp, there are few options like 1 campaign , 2 Button whatsapp, 3 Reports.
  • To send messages on WhatsApp you have to use Campaign or Button WhatsApp Campaign,
    there are few option like enter mobile number manual by copy and past method or else you can
    upload excel sheet, after putting number you have to write your message in message box and also
    you can upload images, videos, pdf, now if you are using button option then there are two or three button option where you can put your website or any link, and calling button, now just send it.
  • In the report section, you will receive reports of sent and non-whatsapp user ( non-whatsapp credits are refunded in your account )
  • There is no accurate report in bulk whatsapp it might be 70 to 90%.

How to purchase bulk whatsapp ?

If you are looking to promote your brand, product, store, or anything these are the companies who provide you best solution in virtual bulk whatsapp.

  1. Ampala Info Services: Providing end-to-end bulk whatsapp solutions and some other marketing services like WhatsApp or SMS API and web development.
  2. Birhah: birhah is the whatsapp chatbot or marketing solution provider.