Improve Core Web Vital

Improve Core Web Vital

What is core web vital?

It is singles including loading, interactivity, and visual stability of a website, it is an important part of search engine The search engine is a platform that provides the best relevant results to users, so that core web vital come out in 2021.

Core Web Vitals will give you a single whether your website has speed issues or not, Core Web Vitals will help you find out whether your website is having speed issues or not to solve your website issues or increase your website’s visibility.

Depends on three major matrix

  1. LCP ( Large contentful paint ) Loading
  2. FID ( First Input Delay ) – Interactivity Element
  3. CLS ( Cumulative Layout Shift ) – Visual Stability of web page

Large Contentful Paint LCP

LCP Large contentful paint major your page loading optimization, Through LCP, we can know how much time your web page spends to show the content, Users should get a fast and good experience when user visit your website, In short when you open a website at that time you have to wait for full loading which is major by LCP, How long does your web page take to show the full content, all these things can be improved with LCP.

  • According to the search engine, your LCP should be 2.5 for Good Result
  • Above 2.5 to 4 seconds shows you should improve
  • Above for it is a poor result

First Input Delay FID

FID First Input Delay check your web page responsiveness, How long will it take for the user to respond when the user enters the website and clicks on elements such as buttons or any links, that is called First input delay.

  • Good Result response should be in 100 Mili Seconds.
  • Average Result response in 100 ms to 300 ms.
  • Poor Result if the response takes more than 300 ms.

Cumulative Layout Shift CLS

CLS means visual stability of your web page, example for When users interact with your web page and suddenly some popups and annoying things appear on the page then that thing gives a bad experience to the users.

  • Good Result: 0.1 Seconds.
  • Average Result: 0.1 seconds to 0.25.
  • Poor Result: More than 0.25 seconds.


CDN Content Delivery Network refers to a group of distributed servers that work together to load files faster.

Eliminate render-blocking resources – FCP,LCP
Enable text compression
Reduce unused CSS FCP LCP
Avoid an excessive DOM size TBT
Avoid enoroums networks payloads LCP
Properly size images
Reduce javaScript execution time TBT
Serve images in next-gen formats
reduce initial server response time FCP LCP
avoid chaining critical requests FCP LCP
Largest contentful paint element
minimize main-thred work TBT
avoid large layout shifts CLS
user timing marks and measures
reduce the impact of third party code TBT
Maximum critical path latency