Cloud base Bot WhatsApp

Cloud base Bot WhatsApp

In this post, you will learn how to use WhatsApp auto chat bot and button mass ( Bulk ) Whatsapp through
personal number.
Let’s know what are the features available in this cloud base bot whatsapp.


  • Create Button & List Template
  • Create Unlimited Contact groups
  • Set Auto Responder
  • Bulk WhatsApp Messaging
  • Send Media
  • Set Chatbot Option
  • Add Multiple Account

Step 1Create an Account

Create your free account by clicking on the signup button and get 2 day’s free trial – click here to sing up

Step 2 – Dashboard Login – Click on WhatsApp which is below to dashboard

On dashboard, you will see monthly credit and total number of sent whatsapp.


Step 3- Add your mobile number by clicking on ” + ” Button.

Add your WhatsApp account

Step 4 – Scan QR code on your whatsapp and link your account

Scan barcode and link your device

Step 5 – Below click 91 or added the account logo.

Click on your mobile number or account

Step 6– Create Template ( Click On Template Button )

Now there is an option when you scroll the cursor over the icon

  1. Profile
  2. Auto Responder
  3. Bulk Messaging
  4. Chatbot
  5. Template – Click First
  6. Export Group

Step 7 – There is two option on Template Button

  1. List Message Template
  2. Button Message Template

Click on any one and create your type of list or button

Step 8- Create Button

  • Button template name – you can write anything just for you, it is your button template name.
  • Description – Your Message which you want to attach with the button.
  • File Manager – If you want to send an image, video, pdf on whatsapp.
  • Footer Description- it is about button example for – click below.
  • List Button – You can add normal text in button, 2. Link Button – you can add any link 3. Call Action Button – add phone number by clicking on add new button.
  • Submit
your message view

How to create a list button

  • List message template name – anything
  • Menu Title – Write menu name for customer
  • Menu Description – Type your message
  • Footer Description – Type footer line ex interested?
  • Button Text – Type the Name of the list button
  • Add New option – Section name Like Service 1 – under service 1 you can add your sub-service name and description.
  • Submit

Step 9 – Send Bulk WhatsApp Messaging

There is three option in the bulk messaging tab

  • Contact group
  • Create Campaign
  • Schedules
Create a contact group first before using campaign
  • Press on Add New Button
  • Enter name of the contact group Example : group1
  • Upload CSV file, or you can copy and past number
  • Note : country ( 91 ) code is mandatory.

Step 10 – Send Bulk Messaging

Now Click on Create campaign

  • Campaign name – for you.
  • Select contact group – a group you want to send WhatsApp.
  • Text & Media – You can write an unlimited character and media
  • Buttons – Send Button Message
  • List Message – send any list
  • You can schedule whatsapp

Step 11 – Autoresponder

You can also set auto responder to the new user.